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center6350NTCC(INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT)Divya NayakAUD8351QUANTUM COUTURE4741545-59548300INDEXSR.NOTOPIC1INTRODUCTION2MEDICAL SUIT3LABORATORY SUIT4ASTRONAUT SUIT5CONCLUSION4741072-59182000SECTION 1: INTRODUCTIONIn this developing world that goes through evolution, the fashion industry calls for change too. We have seen constant change in trends and fashion through out the generations. But, its not only the clothes worn by celebrities and fashionistas that go through the evolving changes, but so does the uniforms and clothes in other professions. In this issue of the Quantum Couture magazine, I have designed 2 medical suits, astronaut suits and laboratory suits each. Each outfit has a unique take to it, which has practicality as well as futuristic touch to it.This magazine has been named Quantum Couture based on the similar platform that all the three professions share – atoms and molecules. It is present in the chemical formulas in the labs, in the medicines as well as in outer space. This similarity is the linking point in the whole Quantum Couture collection. 4739005-59356300SECTION 2: MEDICAL SUITThe medical suit is a knee level lab coat or smock that is usually used in the medical or lab field. It protects the wearer as well as serves as a uniform for the profession. These coats are usually made of cotton, linen or a polyester blend so that it can be easily washed at a high temperature and to also see the cleanliness. Until the 1920’s students, biomedical and microbiological labs wore black coats to honor the dead. Later on, white was introduced and used for its whiteness, pureness and calmness qualities. Long sleeves on coats were banned in 2007 by the UK NHS due to contamination reasons, i.e. the sleeves of the fabric absorbed or had the microbes or bacteria. But further investigation showed no difference between the short and long sleeves and hence long sleeves with knit cuffs was back. Efforts to reduce contamination have been taken since.4740275-59261700centertop00This is an outfit that has been designed for the medical field. The suit has been inspired from the various elements of the medical field. The design elements give the suit a designer approach but at the same time retaining qualities of the field. The coat has utility pockets with zippers so that they can store items and have no worries about them falling out. The shoulders have stay grips with snap buttons so that the stethoscope can be kept in place and not be a burden on the neck. The pocket at the back is to keep basic items which can be easily taken out by nurses during surgery. 4741545-59356300centertop00This is an outfit that has been inspired from the medical suit. The outfit retains some of the original aspects of the medical coat with a trait of designer elements. The existence of the medical symbol on the coat also suggests the field. According to research, many patients felt uneasy and nervous with the white coat and the medical settings, which gave incorrect readings during blood pressure checks. The wearer feels more comfortable in the semi-formal clothing which might even make the patient feel at ease.4741545-59229300SECTION 3: LABORATORY SUITLaboratory suits just as medical suits are white but there are different types of lab suits depending upon the hazardous situation that the person is dealing with. People who usually work with radiations and radioactive elements wear the yellow hazmat suit. This serves as a uniform as well as serves as a protection against accidental spills. The coats are usually made of cotton to be more absorbent, lightweight, comfortable and durable. Polyester is also used due to its ease in maintenance and chemical resistance. Buttons and elastic are used as fastenings so that the material doesn’t dip into the chemicals. In fields of microbiology, short sleeves are also used where there is no use of acids. In other interpretations of the lab suits, side buttons are used so as hold back hanging things. In normal lab settings, light colors are used so as to detect stains and spills. Knit cuffs are used instead of open cuffs to prevent cross contamination.4740748-59880500centertop00This is an outfit which has been inspired from the hazmat lab suit. The color and print symbolize the lab suit. Taking a different turn than that of the usual hazmat suit, this outfit helps the person to move more freely due to the outfit being divided into three separate parts rather than walking around in a one-piece suit. The design is aesthetic as well as practical as it protects the wearer from daily lab situations as well as make them look fashionable. 4740748-59372500centertop00This is an outfit that has been inspired from the hazmat lab suit. There are various elements that have been taken from the suit such as the color, the jacket shape, etc. The jacket worn is transparent which helps to see stains better as well as show the inner dress. The jacket has test tube holders to make the work easy and portable for lab professionals. The hazmat suit as well as the interpretations of the suits are made in such a way that it has fire retardant properties. 4742121-59551200SECTION 3: ASTRONAUT SUITAstronaut suits also commonly known as spacesuits are suits used by astronauts to keep themselves alive in harsh environments and conditions. These are pressured suits to balance out the pressure outside in order to not crush the internal organs of the wearer. Modern suits are more comfortable and less heavy to make it easy for the wearer to move about and have minimal effort. There are three types of spacesuits – IVA, EVA and IEVA:IVA & IEVA: IVA is worn inside the pressurized spacecraft, which is lighter and comfortable. IEVA can be used for inside as well as outside use, includes more protection against harsh conditions of the space, i.e. the extreme temperature conditions and the micrometeorites.EVA: used for outside spacecraft exploration or spacewalks. Protects the wearer against any space conditions, provide mobility and functionality.4745990-59991300center952500This is an outfit that has been designed for astronauts. It gives a very futuristic look. The suit is made to be designer as well as functional. The criteria for the suit was for it to be used in the Arctic region hence, the quilted material used for the suit to keep the wearer warm. The compactness of the suit than the usual bulky ones make the wearer feel lighter and comfortable. The colors make the suit more intriguing and different from the usual white suits.4738370-59356300center10352This is an outfit that has been inspired from the astronaut suits and space in general. The dress has many elements that denote that it has been inspired and designed from the space field. Since the criteria for the outfit was the Arctic region, the inner dress is quilted and the jacket is bulky which keeps the wearer warm. The print on the jacket suggests the galaxy with many sparkling starts on it which gives the dress a designer approach.4741545-59864300SECTION 5: CONCLUSIONIn conclusion, I can say that I have learnt a lot from this assignment. I have learnt how the way of clothing in different fields and professions affect the way they work. Through research and findings, I have found out the practicalities and functions of many features of the different uniforms from each of the three professions mentioned above. I have understood the importance of certain elements and features of the outfits as well as the requirements based on the different field of professions.Through this magazine, I could present not only the research that I have done on the different fields and its respective suit/ uniforms, but also display an array of different designs which matches the rapid changing and evolving world of fashion.