Nursing philosophy

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My philosophy of nursing is to always advocate for the clients who I am serving with professionalism, by providing the best quality of care. In order to give the greatest care, I will be compassionate, non-judgmental, and maintain integrity. This philosophy is rooted in my beliefs of using the skills and knowledge I have acquired in the profession to serve individuals who need assistance. The philosophy involves providing education and assisting with passion, by applying improved services to the clients. As a nurse, I promise to contribute to the improvement of the community’s health, using my capabilities. I will employ professionalism in my duties to ensure that I serve individuals to their satisfaction. I believe in “professional and personalized care from the heart to all patients regardless of their diversities” (Wei, Fazzone, Sitzman, & Hardin, 2019). I have always been against discrimination and will always uphold this standard.In addressing the issues facing healthcare as a nurse, my values will always steer me in the right direction. By embracing diversity and keeping a non-judgmental attitude, I will be serving every client equally. I will remain committed to my core values and will never be judgmental in the process. I will always be honest and will strive to strengthen the privacy and security for health information established under HIPPA. Lastly, I will respect the healthcare professionals and the clients of whom I serve, in order to establish a trusting relationship with all. This passion is not for monetary gain. It is simply my life’s purpose to care for those who are ill.A nurse is one who will advocate for patients. Regardless of my beliefs, I will uphold the needs of my clients. I will stand up for their rights and confidently defend them. My emotions will always be set aside, and I will do what is right for the client. Health care is about the needs of the patients, while maintaining utmost professionalism. I intend to be the voice for clients who are unable to convey those needs. Advocacy is one of the most important attributes of a nurse and will be needed to provide the best quality of care to the patients. As a nurse, educating the patient is imperative. Providing education can prevent any reoccurrences or new medical conditions from arising. Teaching patients about their illness and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle can decrease the risk for complications. By providing education, clients can retain independence by learning self-sufficiency. As a nurse, effective teaching needs to begin at the time a patient is admitted to the time he or she is discharged. Without the proper education done by a nurse, the patient may resume an unhealthy lifestyle and may ignore maintaining their health condition. In order to positively impact patient’s lives and provide the best quality of care, I will always serve the patients with adequate education.In practicing nursing, I will continue to research and integrate with different cultures in society to learn their health beliefs and practices in depth. Such exposure will help in addressing multiple issues affecting all communities. In order to progress as a nurse, I will enroll in various competency improvement programs to equip me with more skills and knowledge in nursing to better serve the community. My desire to help those in need, along with my core beliefs, will assure my clients best quality of care.