Part IThe Virginia area hospitals I have selected to compare are Novant

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Part I:The Virginia area hospitals I have selected to compare are Novant Health UVA Health System Price William Medical Center, Reston Hospital Center, and Virginia Hospital Center. Each of them are listed in the table below with the patient experience indicators.Patient Experience Indicator Patients who reported their rooms and bathrooms were “always” kept clean. Patients who reported “always” receiving help quickly from hospital staff. Patients who reported staff “always” explained medicines before giving them to them.Novant Health UVA Health System (PWC) 80% 60% 59%Reston Hospital Center 68% 58% 63%Virginia Hospital Center 78% 69% 66%State Average 74% 67% 64%National Average 75% 70% 66%Part II:From looking at the three hospitals response rates, we can see the lowest is patients reporting that the staff explained medicines before giving them to them. An improvement model that could reduce the chances of errors when giving patients medication is the Lean method. It focuses on the patient’s needs by maximizing activities of value to make sure the best process is in place for continuous treatment. It is a method which is said to have improved quality of healthcare and patient safety (Hughes, 2008). With the issue of medication not properly explained, the method would assist in using root cause analysis to determine the source of the problem. With the implementation of an action plan, the responsibilities of the procedure can be improved and clarified. The hospital could also see a rise in the amount of patients stating that staff members explain medications clearly before distributing them.Part III:A composition team needs to be assembled in order to ensure improvement. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) would be the primary member that would make sure the team completes the required duties for implementing quality change. The CEO would mainly handle the overall rating of the hospital on a scale of 1-10. They could assist in changing the way patients get help and are involved. Medical directors, nurses, and clinical director would be the other team members that could make sure patients are clearly informed of their medication before use and given help as needed. There are different members required for each indicator, though all of them need to work together to improve the indicators listed.Part IV: The best suited leadership style for leading a performance improvement team to improve public data is the transformational model. It is a style the team needs as it causes change by motivating employees to exceed expectations in the workplace. The model creates a commitment to the mission, vision, and strategic objectives of the organization as well. The transformational leadership style would motivate employees within the organization to give positive changes to the public data.Part V:Before choosing a hospital for treatment, consumers might want to know a few other things. The first thing to consider would be patient outcomes. Checking data that the hospital has submitted to the federal government can show the number of surgical site infections present and the chance of readmission within 30 days indicating an issue. Another problem to think of is the safety score of a hospital as it can show how the effectiveness of preventing infections, complications, and mortality. In addition, it can provide the consumer of an overview of how well the hospital operates.Part VI:If I were a manager at one of these hospitals, I would use this information to improve the performance of the hospital. As noted, consumers review information about hospitals before choosing one to visit. To make sure that patients choose the hospital I manage, I would review the patient satisfaction data and the data submitted to the state and federal government. The data gives an overview of how the hospital performs and whether or not necessary quality improvement is required.