rtificial intelligence has numerous beneficial sides It has empowered the structure of

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rtificial intelligence has numerous beneficial sides. It has empowered the structure of applications which can investigate and explore every part of the world where the human cannot reach. For instance, those machines can visit the space and other universe parts which are absolutely hostile to human beings. Therefore, in the field of fuel mining, intelligent robots are programmed. In that kind of field where human safety issue occurs, the robot can easily replace them. Many fields required manpower, money and time and this could be dangerous for human and sometimes it’s not possible to do that work by them but the robot can do it. The artificially intelligent machine also can measure the depth of the ocean. Often doing these tasks which are harmful to human, those programmed robots saving people health and life. AI also used to solve major problems, including climate change, drugs discovery, microeconomics, and theorem providing and protein folding and manufacturing system. We can apply artificial intelligence in all sorts of things to make everything easier and smaller for us. We are counting artificial intelligence as the next tool to renew the way we live, work and find the solution of major problems.AI can be used across different industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, customer service. Artificially intelligent robots are flexible for manufacturing. Many high technology industries are using flexible, programmed automobile devices, which is called ‘industrial robots’. A verity of these robots is offering a wide range of capabilities, application, and possibilities. These robots can search better, personalize the recommendation, create product description, analyze and predict sale, etc. Therefore, to emancipate human workers from dirty, insipid and dangerous jobs, for improving the quality of by eliminating errors and reducing the manufacturing costs by replacing the expensive employee with ever-cheaper and fast machine, use of intelligent robots are increasing. Artificial intelligence has a very important role in healthcare. Modern healthcare is dependent on AI. one of computer-based intelligence progresses in medicinal services that seem to have the most potential is artificial intelligence helped automated medical procedure. The robot can investigate information from pre-medical records to inform the surgeon during surgery. Robot-assisted surgery is considered as minimal surgery so that the patient can recover in a short time from the small incision. Artificial intelligent surgery robots can store and then use data from previous experience to advise the next sugary and use the technique. AI can be used in diagnosing the patient. There has been some exciting field; AI algorithm can detect skin cancers. The algorithm can analyze what a person says, the tone of voice and background noise and detected cardiac arrest with a 93% success rate compared to 73% for human. The robot can identify cancer from an early stage so that it can prevent thousand of cancer-related death. The algorithm examines the medical records, habits and genetic information pooled from health charities. Those intelligent robots or systems can provide us virtual nursing facilities. They can answer the question, monitor patients and provide a quick answer so that people can communicate regularly with the care providers from staying at home rather than visiting the hospital. In customer support, AI can provide service 24/7 as the machine does not require a break, sleep or food. So they can continuously perform many tasks without getting tired or bored.However, we can see its evolution in the long term, whether it’s leading humanity towards making this planet a better place to live or a place which is full of disaster. Every technology has positive and negative effects. Though artificial intelligence is a vital software program for modern technology, it has still some drawbacks behind it. However, we are not yet sure, that whether this the positive effects of artificial intelligence will always keep outweighing the negative effects. If not then we are going to face serious trouble in the future. If we look around, we can see the changes in our lifestyle bought by technology. We have a smart home, smart cars, smart healthcare, smart learning system, etc. On the other hands, we often found ourselves protesting against the government in the context of many issues, such as unemployment, taxes privacy, etc. As artificial intelligence is developing so rapidly, more robots or Autonomous system being establish and replacing the human workers.Though artificial intelligence has numerous benefits in our daily life, it has many drawbacks. Machines do not have any feelings and virtues. They perform what is customized and cannot make the judgment of right or wrong. Indeed, even cannot make choices if they experience a circumstance which is new to them. They either perform erroneously or breakdown in such circumstance. No machine can show dedication at work and we as human beings cannot live in a world that is only surrounded by machines. For instance, in a medical clinic, industry, robots cannot supplant the consideration or concern appeared by the clinic staff. Unlike humans, artificial intelligence cannot be improved with experience. With time, it can prompt mileage. It stores a ton of information however how it tends to be gotten to and utilized is altogether different from human insight. Machines cannot modify their reactions to evolving conditions. We are always besieged by the topic of whether it is truly energizing to supplant people with machines. Creation of artificial intelligence requires enormous expenses as they are very complex machines. Their fix and upkeep require enormous expenses. They have programming programs which need continuous up-gradation to take into account the requirements of the changing condition and the requirement for the machines to be more brilliant constantly. On account of extreme breakdowns, the method to recuperate lost codes and restoring the framework may require immense time and cost.Replacement of humans with machines can lead to large-scale unemployment. Unemployment is a socially undesirable phenomenon. People with nothing to do can lead to the destructive use of their creative personalities Individuals with nothing to do can prompt the dangerous utilization of their imaginative personalities. People can pointlessly be profoundly reliant on the machines if the utilization of man-made brainpower ends up widespread. They will lose their innovative power and will wind up lethargic. Additionally, if people begin thinking in a ruinous manner, they can make destruction with these machines. Man-made consciousness in wrong hands is a genuine danger to humankind as a rule. It might prompt mass destruction. Additionally, there is a consistent dread of machines dominating or supplanting the people. There is little uncertainty that man-made brainpower will displace many low-skilled occupations. Arguably, robots have effectively taken numerous occupations on the mechanical production system – yet now this could reach out higher than ever. Take, for instance, the idea of driverless vehicles, which could uproot the need a large number of human drivers, from cab drivers to escorts, very quickly. Some would contend that artificial intelligence will make more riches than it annihilates – yet there is certified hazard that this won’t be disseminated uniformly, particularly during its initial spread. If robots begin supplanting human resources in each field, we will have to manage significant issues like unemployment thusly prompting mental despondency, crime, and poverty in the general public. People denied of their work-life may not discover any way to channelize their energies and bridle their aptitude. Individuals will be left with void time. Replacing people with robots in each field may not be the correct choice to make. Numerous occupations require the human touch. Intelligent machines will surely not be able to substitute for the caring behavior of hospital nurses or the promising voice of a doctor. Smart machines may not be the correct decision for client administration.Artificial intelligence plays an important role in the livelihood of humankind. It’s helpful but also dangerous at the same time. AI was indeed created to be agents that act rationally, and we already succeed in our goal, but we are not going in the right direction. There is no guarantee that AI will lead us to a greater good or destruction.