We are living in that kind of world where numerous NGOs NPOs

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We are living in that kind of world where numerous NGOs, NPOs, charities and online pages are running to serve the people with different needs. Some of them are related to health issues and some works in case of casualties. Most of the time the people or members who run these kinds of foundations are volunteers and few get pay. If we are thinking about “Go fund me” this is a type of foundation where anyone can make a profile for needy person and appeal for help to audience. Here they show original documents and proofs that show person really needs help. Even there is visible report present that how much money they got and how much is pending, in that way donors can see and help according to severity of conditions. One more thing that I like in this foundation is there is no fees to donate which is the biggest benefit for both parties, because needy one can get whole amount as it is. If I will get a chance I will make one charity ‘Eradicate cancer at any cost’ like Go fund me but with little changes for cancer suffering patients. Mission should be to serve the humanity without racism and discrimination. The main purpose should be focused on right diagnose and right treatment without any delay. Foundation should be real and ethical that people can develop their trust and help others. Social media is the best way of communicating nowadays; we can communicate with anyone in this world. All renowned charities and foundations are interred connected with people and donors with the help of media. Moreover, on social media we can provide awareness about early signs and symptoms, causes of cancer that can help to figure it out either person need to go to doctor or not. Vision: The work should be “a world where rights of every needy one are realized.” Each and every person has a right to live a healthy life. Today cancer is a most vulnerable problem out of all other life threatening condition. Breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer, cervical cancer, cervix cancer, prostate cancer, spine cancer and so on are increasing day by day in worldwide. The main problem is diagnosis rather than treatment, we have seen a lot of cases where people explained their issues regarding cancer diagnosis that they came to know diagnose at last stage but they were coming for daily checkups in hospitals. Now we can think if the people, with regular diagnostic tests, still not getting right treatment with proper diagnostic criteria then what about those who does not have that much money to go to lab to check blood level at least. So here we need to go forward for those patients who are fighting with disease condition and hunger too. Value: Eradicate cancer at any cost’s work should be focused on prevention of cancer and protection of person before emergence of severe signs and symptoms of cancer cells. Regular checkups and realistic way of diagnosis is one of the best treatments to cure and prevent cancer cell multiplication. To achieve these mission and vision we all need to come forward and collaborate for the welfare of humanity. Strategic plan Plan: The main purpose of this charity will be helping those who are at risk of cancer and all those who are suffering from cancer. Further we can collaborate with small and big foundations, public and private organisations to strengthen the charity and awareness about cancer to all. In coming years we have set our goals to help each cancer sufferer by providing them treatment and diagnosis. How we can achieve this goal?Media involvement: social media covers a huge part of population. A direct meeting between patient and donors is one of the best ways to support patient and to maintain realistic approach. This can be possible with the help of worldwide media only, because donor can contact directly to needy person and help them accordingly. We can make accounts on face book, twitter, instagram, snap chat and so on to promote awareness about our charity and its work. Furthermore, they can post their photographs and videos regarding donations to inspire others to help those and it will facilitate the ethical values and norms of charity ‘Eradicate cancer at any cost’. Additionally, active participation of needy persons and donors on media helps to raise more funds for others because people develop their interest by watching these kinds of videos and stories that how one charity is running to serve humanity. Equality: by providing the equal rights to all members of foundation and donors we can work more effectively without issues. All should know that how this particular organization is running, how much we are getting and how much spending. If people will be secure from this side they will donate more and attract more donors to serve. Ethical: the work of charity should be ethical and real. Once it claimed as a scam no body want to be a part of this kind of organization anymore. Moreover, it’s hard to get the same position again. So these kinds of values should be kept in mind when we are working worldwide and as a organization. Mandates Formal mandates: the main executive members, government representatives, sponsors, policy makers and so on who approve and disapprove the plans, policies and decisions. Moreover, we can make a website where we can update information of charity, its progress, new policies, number of increased members and funds as well and by doing so we can help globally. Informal mandates: general public, volunteers, and some other NGOs should provide wide range of help to support one particular foundation. They should work for the better achievement of goals to save and serve humanity without any kind of discrimination. They should not be deviate from their mission and vision to fulfil purposes. Master list of strategic issues Lack of awareness regarding cancer cell multiplication, how it affects multi organs at a same time if not treated.  Lack of knowledge about diagnostic criteria  Lack of resources Poverty Equal rights Half knowledge of physicians about treatment  Adulterated food products Strategic formulation In order to reach the goal effectively, we need to initiate new approaches that we can maintain organization and help globally. Need to increase knowledge about disease condition, its causes, signs and symptoms to each and every human being. Provide up to date education to doctors and nurses who can treat effectively. Enhancing awareness about different kinds of therapies: radiation therapy, chemical therapy and surgical therapy. Patient should be aware about type of cancer and different kind of treatments as well, then he can implement with his own choice. Seminars, workshops, media and surveys for cancer awareness programmes can help too. Description of the organisation’s future ‘ERADICATE CANCER AT ANY COST’ will become a powerful foundation who will act life a real and ethical charity worldwide where people can get help without any discrimination and racism. Further, donors have access that the money they are donating is it worth full or not? Next, doctors and health care providers can up to date their knowledge and education by watching updated awareness regarding different modes of treatment. Evaluation and action planning It will be based on prognosis of patients, effectiveness of treatment and real recovery from cancer. Our charity will also evaluate the knowledge and awareness of people by doing surveys. Regular visits to cancer treating hospitals to check the number of cases coming with which kind of cancer and its stage, which diagnostic criteria they used to diagnose the cancer and then the type of treatment as well. By doing these visits, we can reduce the cases of amputation which are so common nowadays. Even donors can check either the patient is getting right treatment or not. Conclusion ERADICATE CANCER AT ANY COST can help to all those who are suffering from cancer and who are at risk by providing each aspect of care at each step: knowledge, awareness, education, diagnosis evaluation, treatment policies effectiveness explanations, donations for patients and so on.