To be used for BOTH 1984 and FrankensteinName Nina PerezDubson Major Works

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(To be used for BOTH 1984 and Frankenstein)Name: Nina Perez-Dubson Major Works Data Sheet Major Works Data Sheet Characters (*6 minimum)Name Role in the story Significance Adjectives (3)1. Victor Frankenstein2. The Monster3. Henry Clerval4. Elizabeth Lavenza5. Alphonse Frankenstein6. William Frankenstein 1. Protagonist and narrator at times. Creates the Monster.2. Victor Frankenstein’s creation. Wishes to be accepted by humanity but scares others away with his unusual appearance and great size.3. Victor’s childhood best friend. 4. Victor’s adopted sister and eventual wife prior to her death at the hands of the Monster.5. Victor’s father.6. Victor’s youngest brother who is the Monster’s first victim. 1. Victor Frankenstein creates the monster that dooms much of humanity throughout the novel. In deciding to abandon the monster immediately after his creation of him, he contributes to the feelings of isolation and vengeance that overwhelm the monster. All in all, Victor is truly responsible for the personal deaths he witnesses and experiences, despite the blame he attributes to the monster that he decided to create and abandon.2. Responsible for a variety of deaths, the monster is created by Victor Frankenstein with initially good intentions and a desire to be accepted by humanity. When he fails to receive acceptance, however, he turns to vengeance as a way to give humanity what he feels it deserves as a result. The monster serves as an example of the dangers of isolation and reveals how many make use of prejudice. 3. As Victor’s childhood best friend, Clerval almost resembles that of a brother to him. There for Victor in times of isolation and sadness, Clerval and Victor’s friendship serves as an example of an ideal relationship. Clerval helps nurse Victor back to health when he is sick and proves to be a difficult loss for Victor when he is murdered by the monster that he was responsible for creating. 4. As Victor’s adopted sister, the two spent a considerable amount of time together throughout their childhood. She serves as an example of an ideal woman as she is beautiful, kind and compassionate. In the monster’s killing of her on her wedding night to Victor, Shelley highlights the severity of this loss, especially when her death results in the tragic death of Victor’s father from shock, horror and grief. 5. Well-known for his integrity and kindness, Victor’s father is well respected by many. He provides for Victor and Elizabeth throughout their lives and serves as an ideal father figure. When Victor is sick and feels dismal, his father picks him up from Scotland and helps nurse him back to health. His death that results from the monster’s killing of Elizabeth impacts Victor deeply and he wishes havoc upon the monster as a result. The death of Victor’s father proves to be a breaking point for him.6. As Victor’s youngest brother and as the monster’s first victim, William’s death proves to be one that sets off a chain of ongoing events. After realizing how deeply William’s death impacts Victor and his family, the monster finds thrill in corrupting Victor’s life and continues to contribute to this. While William appears to be pure and innocent due to his youthfulness, he is unfortunately corrupt like the rest of humanity as he is prejudice and mocks the monster for his looks, leading to his death at the monster’s hands. 1. Tragic, inquisitive, pitfyful2. Vengeful, desolate, sorrowful 3. Loyal, reliable, giving4. Pure, beautiful, ideal5. Innocent, generous, kind6. Youthful, prejudiced, charmingMajor Works Data Sheet