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Beyond BlueThe organization Beyond Blue started out as being a simple conversation between two people talking about mental health. Honorable Jeff Kennett and his 18 year old daughter, had been struggling with the death of her two Friends that had been killed in a fatal road accident. The organization was set to help people no matter their age deal with issues that are connected with mental health such as suicide, depression and many other things. The company also helps with, mental health issues, where they provide counselling services that provide support for people who are struggling with such issues. The organization also has contact with other resources that may help with other issues the person may be dealing with at the time that they have make contact with Beyond Blue. Media Outlet: Eastern ReporterThe media outlet for this, is the newspaper, the Eastern Reporter, which is a community based newspaper that is located in the Eastern suburbs of Perth such as Guildford, Kalamunda etc. The newspaper deals with and writes articles about stories that are or have been occurring in the area. They can range from hard hitting pieces to human interest stories such as lifestyle to sports. The newspaper also writes about events that have happened in the area in which it is located in.Profile of Interviewer: Lifestyle Reporter : Sara FitzpatrickSara Fitzpatrick is a reporter from the Eastern reporter who writes about events that have been considered to lifestyle stories such as stories like ‘Garden Releaf Day’. She also writes about many other things that are happening in the area.Interview Notes:Q1: What was the reason behind holding an event like this? A1: The reason for holding such a day like Garden Releaf Day is to engage with the communities, by making them become more aware that such events happen all over the country. It also help the communities to engage with the awareness of mental health problem that are occurring on a daily basis. And how they can manage It.Q2: Where does the funding come from when holding such an event?A1: The funding for the event comes from the federal government that supports non for profit organizations such as Beyond Blue and many others. They also have corporate funding as well that support these kind of events that are run for the communities.Q3: If a community member wishes to volunteer, how would they become involved in such events and what groups are available for them to join ?A3: The people who are interested in volunteering with Beyond Blue, would be able to contact the volunteer section of the company’s website or even maybe get in contact with our organizing committee to see if there is any position available on the day of the event. Q4: How long has the event been running for and where did it start?A4: The event “Garden Releaf Day” has been running for four years. It has been run with the support through of Independent Garden Centers and the community all over the country. Q5: Can events such as this have any benefits to a person’s well being?A5: Days such as like this, Garden Releaf Day can be seen as a chance to get involved and also feel the benefits of gardening by improve your life with plants, flowers and maybe even add some colour to your busy lives and Beyond Blue are here to remind you that whenever possible make sure you are relaxed and feeling better about who you are as a person by letting the stress go. Speech:Hello everybody, and welcome distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Welcome to this event “Garden Releaf Day” which is being run in support of Beyond Blue. The aim of this event is to promote the idea of “blooming good health for mental health”. The day’s purpose is to encourage you and the communities you live in become more involved with gardening by taking part in activities such as planting a pot of flowers to help you experience the joys of being in out in the garden setting, no matter how big or small the garden maybe. You are invited to join in the fun of gardening at any of the selected garden centers across Western Australia that are coming together to help connect your communities come together, so you can enjoy the health and wellness benefits that are connected with gardening. The event can be found at the following Garden Centers across Western Australia, such as Dawsons Garden World in ForrestfieldJoonadalup SwanBourne O’connor Guilford Town Garden CentreAnd Zantheorrea Nursey in Maida Vale. At these centers, you will be encouraged to maybe ‘Plant a pot’ of colour, maybe your favorite one if you wish to or even maybe pot a plant that’s is edible. Or may be even pick a pretty flower, or even go for a stroll in any of the selected centre’s gardens, or maybe pull out a few weeds, or even get some styling ideas for your home garden by maybe choosing some living greenery or create an outdoor space to socialize in and escape the stress of the every day world you all have..So then whatever interests you have when it comes to gardening, the Garden Releaf Day is a great way to get involved and feel the benefits of improving your being by connecting with plants, flowers, herbs, fragrances and many colors. There will be loads of activities that would maybe help you focus on the benefits that can enrich your lives. The Garden Releaf Day also aims to raise money to support selected charities. So lets come together and enjoy the benefits of the garden by attending this event. Its a great way to connect with mother nature and become one with her. Its a great way to relieve stress. So hope you can all make the day and enjoy. Thanks