the many facet of diversity

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Nana HenewaaStratford UniversityProfessor BauerCross Cultural CompentencyAugust 2019The Many Facet of DiversityNana Henewaa is my name, I was born and raised in Ghana so as my family. Ghana is located in the west of Africa. It’s was formerly known as the Gold Coast and its gained independence from Great Britain in 6th March 1957. English, African dialect like Akan, Ewe, Fanti, Ashanti are the major languages of Ghanaians. The Major religion practiced in Ghana is Christianity, Traditional (Worship of Idols or object) and Islam. Ghana has 16 regions namely Northern, Ashanti, Western, Volta, Eastern, Upper West, Central, Upper East, Greater Accra, Bono East, Oti, Ahafo, Bono, Savannah, and Western North, North East. Gold, Cocoa, Diamond, Bauxite, Timber, Rubber, Petroleum, salt and limestone are the major economic resources. The Ghanaian currency is Cedi and its shares border with Cote divoire, Burkina Faso and Togo. Accra is the capital of Ghana and also the word Ghana means “Warrior King”. In my country symbols are used in many ways. They are used in the identification of ethnic groups, clans, families, authority ideas and values of people. The fabric worn by every Ghanaian tribe is popularly known as Kente. Kente is a silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips. Some Ghanaian dishes is waakye, fufu, Ampesi, Touzafi and the most famous one is the Jollof rice. Not going to the farm on Thursday, Not going to the sea on Tuesday, Not whistling at night and incest are what are considered as taboo in my country. The use of the left hand is considered disrespectful because the left hand is seen as unclean. Also avoid looking into the eye of an elderly when speaking because looking into the eye of the elderly is considered a sign of disrespectfulMy Family and I migrated United to State to further our education and go back to Ghana to help our communities. Which can be seen with me trying to pursue my dream in nursing and going back to help country. I plan on being a Nurse Educator so I can help educate or teach aspiring nurses about patient care. In Ghana women who smoke were once viewed as prostitute so as women who ask a man out on date. But all that views change when people from Ghana migrated to the States. When people migrate from their country to another country, they tend to fit into that country culture. They adopt or learn about that country culture and when they return back to their they sometimes practice it. At first Ghanaians have the idea of women only belonging in the kitchen and caring for their husband and children but that view changed with the help of some Ghanaians migrating to the States. The Ghanaian fabric popularly known as the Kente cloth is now used as part of the graduation attire in some graduation ceremonies in the States. When it comes to the Ghanaians impact in the music industry the new version of Lion King has one of the Ghanaian musicians was featured on the album. There have been an increase in Ghanaian restaurant in the States, intend of traveling back to Ghana to get a taste of how of their dishes, there is one just available and close for everyone to get a taste of Ghanaian dish. Also not forgetting Ghana hosted the year of return that was attended by a lot of celebrities like Naomi Campbel, Idris Alba, Mike Hill, Boris Kodjoe and many others, which signify about unity and oneness.