The most important part of the body is not the brain that

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The most important part of the body is not the brain that slows , arms and legs that give the body movement, control but also pain and numbness. Rather the warm hands are the most important part of the body. A comforting warm healing hands of a nurse all impart a sense of assurance and comfort to those they touch in the patients time in need. As patients look up and you hold onto their hand, as you dedicate your time to comfort, soothe and care for each patient as all humans are different. Race, gender, illness, culture, religious background or economic statues doesn’t matter, walking into the room without knowing the outcome of each patient it takes patience and understanding as your guiding your patient through their time of need. As most underserved communities have inadequate healthcare services. Through the Nurse Corps Program we can perform high quality services and addressing patient’s health needs. I learned so much about myself as a person and realized the inner strength I possess, which will sustain me in my future career as a nurse. Like any other person, I have weaknesses and frailties but I also have areas of endurance and power to combat these flaws.I am very passionate about my field of work. I have seen that nursing will challenge me physically and mentally, but I have also come to realize that I have tremendous inner strength and can rise to the occasion. I love and count it a privilege to be able to be a nurse. I would like to be able to give back to the underserved communities, as this is where I grew up myself. The lessons I have learned and applied in my life will aid me in becoming a highly skilled nurse and someone who can make a significant difference in another person’s life. Nursing school will not only teach us to provide selfless service to the poor and underserved, but they prepared our hearts and mind to serve whoever needs medical attention without looking for any disparity. I want to be a part of the change in this world and I believe that I can bring a positive influence to today’s healthcare crisis.