unit 8

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Human rights are based on equality, respect, dignity and independence; these rights are for every human. The basic rights apply to everyone regardless of how you live your life. In order to keep your rights you should not break the law, when breaking the law some of your rights can be restricted but never taken away. One of the acts is to be respected, in order to show respect you should be polite and kind, you have to take in consideration another’s thoughts, feelings and wishes, respect needs to be shown in many places especially schools. As a student, in a school respect is expected from everyone one. students show respect in school by turning up on time, wearing the correct uniform, bringing the right equipment and listening to what the teacher has to say, if you do not follow school rules you can get disciplinary such as detentions, exclusions or expelled.In order to be treated as an individual you need to show self respect and treat others how you want to be treated. Don’t follow the crowd and do what you think is best, individuality is seen by others and shows uniqueness. For example nurses treat all their patients individually, they try and put themselves in the patients shoes and understand there pains and experiences. Being treated with dignity is expected by everyone, it is a state of being worthy of honour or respect and ensures individuals who receive care are able to make choices about the care they receive such as their hygiene, dressing and their everyday needs. Being in a hospital can be very overwhelming and an invasion of your privacy this is why there are curtains in place to ensure your needs are met. When changing clothes in a hospital or getting checkups you can always ask your nurse to close the blinds and they will.In order to be served equally and not discriminated against means treating people fairly and serving them the same regardless of their religions, social status, disability, race, gender and age, if you do discriminate someone for living there life the way they want it you can be held up in court for breaking the law. An example of being treated equally is in a work place both female and male should be paid the same amount if they’re doing the same job.Privacy and confidentiality are our basic rights in society. Service workers work with sensitive information that is communicated in confidence. Confidentiality as a principle suggests that you keep information from or of clients private in order to safeguard their dignity and their right to the basic privacy everyone should receive.To be allowed access to information about self, this act does not mean to give people access to their personal data such as their health records, but if a member of the public does want to have access of their files they have to inform the authority and it will be given to.The act to have account taken of choices means putting the person more in control of the treatment and care they receive, this is to help people identify their needs and can make their own choices on what support and treatment they should receive To be allowed independence means not having to rely on others and having control on what you do or where you go. It is to be able to make decisions for yourself. In care homes service users sometimes become unable to do things independently meaning the care workers have to help them, care workers can’t assume that they need the help and need to let them do things independentlyThe act to be safe is a very important law put in place; the safety act deals with a wide range of issues relating to work place health and safety, employees have a general obligation under the act to take care of their employers and their requirements.The act To be able to take risks means Providing real choice and control for people who use social care and enabling people to take the risks they choose, particularly in the use of self-directed support and personal budgets. For example if a young kid with learning disabilities wanted to make a cup of tea but has the tendency to shake the cares should get a hot water dispenser as a kettle is a much more difficult to handle and can cause injuries, by doing this you are not taking away the kids rights to take risk but are making it more easier.To be involved in own care and treatment means to support people in managing their own health and well being. It means getting involved in day to day care as much as they are able to and be supported for it. This allows service users to become more elaborate in their own care and understand what needs need to be met; this makes people more aware of their conditions.