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Yesenia Zaragoza International Colleges of Health Sciences English Shame Many people will be experiencing moments in their lives that they will remember forever. Some of the moments that you will remember forever will be during an embarrassing situation, and no matter how much you want to forget is impossible. Moments like these are so easy to remember and will make us laugh and feel embarrassed again just by recalling what happened. I will be sharing with you one of the most embarrassing moments in my life. This day was so bad that just by remembering I want to crawl under a rock. Just like every Saturday morning during nursing school, I would meet with my instructor and classmates for clinical. The instructor would assign a patient and we were required to care for the patient for the rest of the day. Before doing my initial round with the resident, I would introduce myself to the charge nurse and receive a report. During the report, the charge nurse tells me that the resident is having diarrhea and is total care. I don’t do well with anything that has to do with excrement. I make the instruct aware that my resident was having diarrhea and explain to her that I don’t do well with excrement. The instructor tells me “This is part of nursing and you need to get used to it”. I do my initial room round accompanied by my instructor. We introduce ourselves and explain to the patient what I was going to do. I initiate the assessment and I can smell a strong odor of excrement. I turn around and look at my instructor while trying not to gag. I excuse myself from the room and walk towards the restroom. I needed some time to collect myself before returning to the room. After a couple of minutes, I was able to get myself together and return to the room but not before asking one of my classmates for help. I explained what happen and she begins to laugh and agrees to assist me with the change. I return to the room and my instructor is still in the room. My classmate and I gather all the supplies and she tells me that she will do the change and all I needed to assist her if she required help. I was standing behind the patient and next to my classmate. She hands me the soiled diaper and I was able to see the excrement at that moment I just dropped the soiled diaper in my scrubs and shoes. The instructor and classmate looked at me not saying anything. At that moment I just wanted to crawl under a rock. I look down and see spots of excrement in my white scrubs and shoes. That didn’t end there I still had to walk out of the room and pass by a group of nurses standing by the nurse station while smelling and spots of excrement. As I was walking by the nurse stating I was looking at the floor the entire time. I will always remember the long lectured I received from my instructor, and my classmate still makes fun of me until this day.