Role and Responsibilities in Working with Collegues

Table of Contents

One of the things that are part of the manager’s responsibilities is giving a proper supervision on daily basis. I observe everyday what the others are doing and try to give advice on how to make things better. I always try to keep positive approach with my colleagues not just to maintain a happy environment, but to keep a good communication and also keep the circle of trust strong. Another thing to do is setting tasks, I give the tasks for the people in charge of the morning tasks such as opening the premises and make everything prepared and done for the day.

Then there are tasks for other workers that have got the closing in the afternoon. Other tasks for workers that for example change the garbage every now and then during the day or small tasks when they need to fill water to the children or clean the areas. Another responsibility which I do every day is talking to the parents. Every parent likes to know how their child is doing at the childcare and all of them love to hear our feedback. Also those things keep a good communication between us. I also collect money for certain things such as outings, photocopies, craft, monthly fees, costumes etc.

It is a responsibility that should be taken in a well organized manner to keep everything up to date and to avoid money from getting lost.On every day basis, we mark the attendance sheet. As a manger, I need to know how many children are attending the nursery everyday, who is attending and also who is absent and why. It is very important for me to know if the child is sick and with what, not to be curious, but to avoid the sickness to be spread when he/she return back to the premises.