Can you come up with a stronger opening line? For example you

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Can you come up with a stronger opening line? For example, you could get us to imagine being at home and needing help because we can’t get to the doctors. You must be aware of what duties of the traveller nurse are and what qualifications are required for becoming a nurse. The duties of nurse are to provide care to different care services on temporary basis and travel from one care service to another for the same purpose. I am skilled and competent enough for the post of nurse in the care service. I will convince you all why I am eligible for this post. I will present before you my educational background firstly and my experiences in the field of nurse secondly to prove my eligibility for the post.My educational background includes my education from high school to graduation. I completed my high school from Punjab, India. I am currently completing my graduation degree from Fulton Montgomery community College located in Johnstown. I have completed my high school with a good percentage score and this makes me eligible for achieving this post. (you don’t really need the crossed off sentence)Till now in my graduation I have been an attentive student and my concepts regarding the basics (regarding the basics of what?) are clear which makes me eligible for this post. I have been a punctual student in both my high school and graduate school and this post requires high punctuality and understanding of time so as to provide proper care to the patients. Therefore this makes me eligible for the post of a nurse. (you don’t need to repeat this sentence) I have received a number of awards for my academic performance in my high school and whole completing my graduation from Fulton Montgomery College which makes me a brilliant student and ensures that I will be providing good work on whatever job I will be posted. Moreover, I was provided with awards and medals for providing care to the patients under my care while I was an intern in a local hospital and I was able to provide appropriate care to the patients. The awards and prisesgiven to me in my academics make me eligible for this post as it demonstrates my positive sides that I am punctual, hardworking and dedicated towards my work and studies.Till now I presented my educational background in front of you and now I will be presenting my past experiences in the field of nurse. In the first year of my graduation I was placed as a nurse in a local care setting. My duty was to provide care to old age people in that setting so that the urgent cases are carefully dealt with. I was successful in handling the condition of the patients in the ward—give an example of a patient you worked with (remember, this can be made up). My next internship as is another care setting as nurse where I had to look after the patients suffering from diabetes. In this ward I was able to make nursing care plans which were helpful in improving their condition. Post of a nurse is a highly prestigious post in which it is duty of the nurse to provide appropriate care to the patient taking into consideration their shifts (I’m not sure what you mean) t different care settings regularly it is the duty of the nurse to provide appropriate care to the patients. In my internship I was able to achieve this target and therefore, I think I am appropriate for this job post—how were you able to achieve this? Explain more. A particular incident which I remember when in provided appropriate care to the patient in my internship is when there was a patient who arrived in the emergency ward and had an accident. No, other staff nurse was available at that moment in the hospital. It was my responsibility to provide first aid to patient and properly examine if there were any major injuries to the patient. I was able to provide appropriate care to the patient and the patient was satisfied with my work.My assets and contributions which I consider are above others include my punctuality and dedication towards my work. My mentors in my graduation degree always mentioned in the list of most punctual students of the batch. Further my assets were that I always received a good score in every subject in both high school and graduation. I am intelligent enough to deal with all the conditions and problems which took place around me. In my graduationdegree there were several instances where I made use of common sense and intelligence to handle difficult situations—give an example. I also have good critical thinking skills as I am able to successfully take a decision where there is a condition of dilemma and I have to wise to take any decision. Moreover, I have the quality of proper decision making. For the post of a nurse it is important to have proper critical thinking skill so as to provide appropriate care to the patients and make sure that appropriate decisions are taken at the point of time.The reason why I chose this post and care setting is that I feel that I am eligible enough to provide care to the patients and my educational qualifications and experiences are enough to be available for the patients. Further, I feel that the workplace environment of this care setting is good for the employees and it provides various benefits so that the employees are treated well and no harassment or abuse is done with the patients. I also think that I am eligible for this job profile and all the qualities that I have are appropriate to provide care to the patient.I hope that I was able to convince you all to give me this post of traveller nurse. I have given a clear explanation of my educational background and why I think these qualifications are necessary for this post. I have also given my experiences which are similar to the responsibilities of the job profile of nurse. This is my dream job and I have been trying hard for the same so that I could this post of nurse and provide care to the patients. I really hope if you could provide me an opportunity for this post so that I could serve the patients in the care.