NURSES ROLES IN INFECTION CONTOL Nurses are front line in healthcare sector they

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NURSES ROLES IN INFECTION CONTOL Nurses are front line in healthcare sector, they are the first person will treat the patient before meet the doctor. Nurses have to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene for treating patient. That they must roles for nurses to do to prevent cross infection. The support from healthcare associated infection (HAIs) will help health worker for implement of excellent prevention and control practices. It will be facilitated decent delivery for patient and promote safe working area for among healthcare.According to the Merriam-Webster_2019 definition of infection is ‘the state produced by the establishment of one or more pathogenic agents or microorganisms (as bacteria, viruses, protozoans, or fungi) in or on the body of a suitable host’. Infection can be transmitted in many ways, example on contact, in droplet or airborne. Infection can be happening with six elements, first the pathogen in the reservoir appear in the portal of exit travel by a made of transmission and expansion portal of entry to susceptible host. This cycle will continue until the pathogen been kill and it can be reduced by follow the standard precautions. Standard precautions implement for healthcare provided to prevent the cross infection to patient and among healthcare provider. Elements of standard precaution are hand hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE), safe injection practices, handling of contaminated material and respiratory hygiene or cough etiquette. Hand hygiene will have two methods hand rubbing alcohol-based and handwashing soap with water in healthcare workers. Use soap with water recommended when the soiled exist in body surface such as sputum, while hand rub recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) for decontamination. Hand washing must do before and after aseptic technique, before and after contact with patient, after contact with fluid and after handling contaminated equipment. PPE for protect the healthcare from exposure to infection agent. PPE include glove, face mask, gowns, google and face shields. Using of PPE its specific with the contamination. Sequence for donning must be known by nurses, start from gown, then mask or respiratory, google or face shield and last glove. All health worker must practice safe injection practice to prevent the transmission of infection by needle prick because of recapping. Discarded the sharp into appropriate sharp container. Use appropriate chemical spills while managing the blood, body fluid or chemical solution. All the medical equipment must be clean every single use by using the disinfection solution and it safe to be use for the patient. Cough etiquette is use to control transmission airborne germ to others by cover the mouth and nose while sneezing or using the tissue and dispose by non-touch and washing the hand.