I am Jhonalyn P Astillero I was born year 1992 graduated year

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I am Jhonalyn P. Astillero, I was born year 1992, graduated year 2012 at College of the Immaculate Concepcion located at Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija Philippines with the degree in Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.I came from a small family with one brother and one sister. I grew up in a small village of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija with my parents and siblings and I belong to a simple family with background in agriculture, business and nursing. To tell you briefly about my family, my parents runs a farm and general merchandise store with agricultural supplies where you can find almost everything. My younger brother graduated with Bachelor’s Degree of Nursing and he is already a registered nurse and currently working as a Medical Abstractor. My younger sister is soon graduating from her secondary school. After completing my bachelor studies, I’ve decided to pursue my dream to become an entrepreneur and professional chef someday. In June 2012- August 2014, I was enrolled to study at Center for Culinary Arts, Manila (CCA), with 2 Year Diploma in Culinary Arts and Technology Management. During my study in CCA I joined in a cooking competition featured on Asian Food Channel (AFC), GMA 7 and Philippine Daily Inquirer on November 2013 in SM Mall of Asia Philippines, luckily I won the gold medal of Modern Sinigang Category for the first time and it felt so good because this is my dream, to prove myself that I can be better and can learn more when you truly love what you are doing. On completion of my studies, October 2014- October 2015, I joined a J1 Internship & Career Program in the U.S at one of the Five Star hotel and Resorts, The Inn at Palmetto Bluff, a Montage Hotels & Resorts located at Bluffton, South Carolina, as a trainee line cook which exposed me to the food industry that will allows me to experience a real kitchen operations. The training is only for 1 year but the experience, knowledge, every day duties and responsibilities, how to handle pressure, different people and personalities I encounter during the whole year of my training are very helpful and successful with the help of my co-trainee, chef instructor and especially my loving and understanding family in the Philippines.After my 1 year in J1 Internship Program, I must again challenge myself and acquire the needed qualification that will make me a more qualified candidate for a position higher than what I currently have. I have decided to apply for a Training and Research (subclass 402) Temporary Work Visa in Australia for a year. I have got the job offer from Ippudo Sydney, Australia as a Cook on November 2016- December 2017. Ippudo is a ramen Japanese restaurant where you can find and dine-in a very traditional and authentic Japanese food in Sydney. I have learned a lot of techniques on preparing food and I was able to practice my knife skills to serve a presentable and quality food. Unlike in U.S living in Sydney Australia is more different, challenging, relaxing place to live and to work on a daily basis. After having left the Sydney Australia I had an opportunity to manage a small Fitness Gym in Philippines from December 2017- December 2018. I have given myself some time off to contemplate on what my next step will be for my career progression. I fully understood I still want to continue being a chef as it is not only a job for me but it has become my passion as well.By the age of 26, I married a man that I really want to spend the rest of my life with. I met my husband Manuel John Astillero in 2018 at the Fitness Gym where I was working at that time, Manuel is one of the Gym member. There was an attractions on both sides, and eventually ask me out for a lunch on February 2018. Over the next few days we stuck up a close friendship that quickly developed into a relationship. After a month we decided to stay in one roof together close to my working place. My husband and I enjoy travelling, we always saved time and money for our plan trip together, and there are some places that we have been visited in Philippines. The places that we have been visited before are Legazpi Albay, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte, Manaoag Parish Church Pangasinan, Monasterio De Tarlac, Dingalan and Baler Aurora. We both loved natures and beaches. Visiting different Churches in different places are one of our goals together. There are more places we really want to go and one of these are Australia.Being together for six months, we have decided to get married so no one will separate us from each other. A month before the wedding we went to the local Municipality of Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija Philippines to file an Application for Marriage, we attend some counseling and seminars to get the proper Civil Wedding Date and Venue. The location of our wedding is at Regional Trial Court, Branch Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. September 10, 2018 at 11:00 am we are finally get married that was the happiest moments of our lives. From the day we start living together until now we never be apart from each other. We do have plans to have a baby but we want to enjoy our marriage first. After my contract ends on my previous job we have decided to stay in my parent’s vacant house. While waiting for my Student Visa Application I am helping my mother to manage the business while my husband runs a computer shop owns by my parents. Two (2) years studying in Australia without my husband is a very difficult time for me to handle and I think that is the most challenging part so I decided to apply him with my Student Application as Spouse Dependent Visa. Travelling with my husband and be with him to enjoy the nature of Australia is a grateful opportunity, for me he is my chef, making my breakfast every day, doing the laundry and making me feel so loved.Australia will be our first travel outside the country together, he will be very helpful on my study and we are fully aware that we are allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight each and during the summer break we can work more than 20 hours per week to support some expenses like travelling and to have work experience as well.My work experience made me realize that the current level of knowledge is not sufficient to have a successful career in this field. The decision to study a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery and Diploma in Hospitality Management within Australia is a culmination of my personal and professional goals, as I have realized the environment in which one studies will significantly improve the chances of success. To become Executive Chef and have my own Restaurant to my home Country are my ultimate goals. Although I have completed a degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and a 2 year Diploma in Culinary Management in the Philippines, enrolling in Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery and Diploma in Hospitality Management program at Queensford College in Brisbane, Queensland will be beneficial to my professional development. With the skills and knowledge I will gain from this course, it will be an advantage for me when I seek a higher position in kitchen to help me building my dream restaurant back in the Philippines.After thoroughly searching the vast opportunities Australia has to offer for the studies I wish to conduct, it was Brisbane and in particular the Queensford College of Brisbane that appeals to me. A few of the reasons why I chose Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Brisbane has one of the lowest cost of living in comparison with other Australian cities from transport to accommodation to meals. The weather is definitely nicer, less crowded than other cities. When it comes to parks and species Brisbane have more than thousands to visit and enjoy. Deciding to study at the Queensford College of Brisbane is my top choice for a school. Queensford College has its origin from the sun-kissed city of Brisbane. Queensford offers education and training that will help me to prepare myself for the future.The Program that I have chosen to study is Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery has 72-week course and for the completion of my course I have to attend 240 hours for my Vocational Placement Program. After completing my Certificate IV, I continue to study Diploma of Hospitality Management as a part of my course line. This is 21-week course and it has 120 hours Vocational Placement Program to attend. These Program will provides student with practical experience on how to manage finances, business operations, transaction, budget, how to manage conflict, designing a restaurant menu, or planning culinary events within large hotel operations, working with food to provide world-class experiences. Having studied the course description thoroughly, this is a pathway for me to achieve my goals and this will be one step closer in obtaining the status of an international chef back here in Philippines. My mother will fund and sponsor voluntarily my tuition fee, board and lodging and she will be also sponsoring my husband’s expenses for the whole duration of my course. This is an opportunity that I cannot let go. The costs of my first course is AUD 13,900 and the next one cost AUD 5,000, which amount to AUD 18,900 in total. She has been in business for almost 27 years. Completing my Study Program from Queensford College of Brisbane, Queensland would definitely open more doors for me, something that is unfortunately very limited with my current degree. As my plans and goals, once I acquire my Australian qualification, my husband and I will go back to the Philippines seek out those promotional opportunities with my new international knowledge and skills about cooking and managing business without hesitation to put all the principle I have into practice. After I gain enough experience will start our own business.My family lives in the Philippines that guiding me and supporting me every steps of the way.I am hoping that you will grant my student visa application and my husband’s dependent visa and establish me for fresh opportunities.Thank you and God bless!